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Aluminum foil bag roll price and aluminum foil zip lock bag

Aluminum foil bag can also be known as pure aluminum bag
Popular material: PET / AL / PE PET / NY / AL / PE PET / NY / AL / CPP
Thickness: 70 ~ 180 micron bag shape: three side seal, self-reliance zipper bag, yin and yang bag
Attributes: PET – Biaxially oriented polyester film, NY – Biaxially oriented polyamide film, AL – Aluminum foil, PE – Polyethylene (collectively, five various categories), CPE – Cast polypropylene film.

Aluminum foil bags (anti-static aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bags), solution options Look: opaque, silver-white, reflective, with very good barrier, heat sealing, light-blocking, higher temperature, low temperature, Fragrance; non-toxic and tasteless; soft and so on. Solution structure: PET / AL / PET / PE. May be customized in accordance with the requirements of various composite supplies and thickness on the solution. Storage environment temperature ?? 38 ??, humidity ?? 90% 5, product specifications standard: thickness 0.10mm and 0.14mm, three side seal, edge 10mm, solution size may be customized based on customer wants.

Aluminum foil bag Scope:
(1) for any variety of circuit boards, electronic goods, precision machinery components, customer goods, industrial solutions and other packaging. For instance: Computer board, IC integrated circuits, electronic components, all kinds of LED sector SMT patch, light bar packaging, precision metal, auto parts and other packaging.
(2) meals packaging: milk, rice, meat goods, dried fish, aquatic items, lap, roast duck, chicken, roast pork, frozen food, ham, bacon goods, sausage, cooked meat goods, pickles, Spices and also other fragrance, shelf life, flavor, retain colour.