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The use of aluminum in the building

The use of building facade materials commonly used in tiles, paint, dry hanging stone, glass curtain wall, metal aluminum, etc., now the building facade also use space aluminum, its high temperature, corrosion resistance, even if the years of baptism, Keep the original beauty!

Space aluminum is actually a special kind of metal, not only environmentally friendly, do not fade, but also contains the characteristics of stainless steel – not rust, cost is high. In modern families, the basic use of aluminum doors and windows, aluminum and aluminum space is the difference between the content of non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloy than the aluminum content of aluminum. Space aluminum is the main component of alumina, usually also known as “aluminum oxide”, aluminum electrolytic production is the main raw material, it is high hardness, load is also high, but its weight is very low.

Space aluminum is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, after high temperature oxidation properties become stable, high temperature, high strength, corrosion resistance, but also can withstand a strong impact, is a lightweight and durable material. This special aluminum-magnesium alloy was originally used in the field of aerospace equipment manufacturing and other high-tech fields, so named “space aluminum”. Space aluminum in recent years has been extended from the aviation aspects of the home, and has been widely used in daily hardware products can also be used in space aluminum manufacturing.